The Kalamazoo House (B&B)

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Kalamazoo, MI – This was my first B&B experience, and it set the bar EXTREMELY high. Not only is The Kalamazoo House insanely beautiful, but also:

  1. Prior to check-in day they emailed anything and everything I should need to know.
  2. They provided a YouTube video showing how to get there, park, unlock the door, go inside, and find your room.
  3. When I arrived I immediately got a welcome text from the owner.
  4. They provide free beverages (soda, water bottles, coffee, tea etc.) and we were able to help ourselves to dishes and fridge space (for leftovers).
  5. They provide fresh chocolate chip cookies to every room every night!
  6. There are several different options for breakfast that you can sign up for the night before.
  7. In the morning they provided fresh juice, fruit, coffee, and a small muffin before the main course came out.

They were incredibly nice and made us feel so at home! They definitely have their shit together; it seems like they’ve thought of everything!

Check out photos below, then visit them:

The Kalamazoo House / Amber Stokosa
Breakfast appetizer at The Kalamazoo House
Breakfast at The Kalamazoo House (the mugs are for sale in the gift shop!)
Quite possibly the best thing to come “home” to at night!
So many picturesque places at The Kalamazoo House / Amber Stokosa
Room #10 at The Kalamazoo House

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