Jimmy Eat World & Dashboard Confessional in Louisville, KY 3.9.22

Had the joy of capturing Jimmy Eat World and Dashboard Confessional on the same night at the same venue – The Louisville Palace.

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This show brought out the emo kid in all of us; but while many seem to think of the nostalgia when it comes to these two, have you heard their newer music?!

Also, the Louisville Palace is GORGEOUS and historical. You have a miraculous view from basically any seat.

For a music photographers it can be a bit tricky; there isn’t a pit up front, and the venue is a fully seated theatre (and photographers are typically limited to the first three songs). I did my best to stay out of the crowd’s way / not block their views, but I think I pulled one of my quads in the process. Was screaming infidelities after that.

But no matter what the shooting situation is like, the reason I like being at these shows is to see people having fun, escaping from reality for a bit. I think live music has taken on a new level of importance to a lot of people, now that the pandemic has happened.

My ISO was at 5,000 most of the time, but I had to kick it up to 12,800 for the wider crowd photos; I ran up to the balcony for the third song of Jimmy Eat World’s set, which consisted of mostly dark red strobes. It was a true “spray & pray” situation. My aperture ranged from f2.8-f3.2 and my shutter speed ranged 1/250-1/320. I used just one camera, the Nikon D850. In the first photo below, I photoshopped a mic stand out!

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